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Our goal is to continue to exceed our patients expectations by providing your family with comprehensive, high quality dental care, for a lifetime of healthy smiles. 

Dr. Marianette Crisol and her team of associates, dental hygienists, and dental assistants provide an array of dental services including general dentistry and cleanings, restorative dentistry, prosthetics, implants, wisdom teeth removal, oral cancer screenings, Invisalign clear braces, and teeth whitening.

Our emphasis on patient comfort is evident with our warm, family fun atmosphere, and friendly attentive team. Your health is our first priority, and we make it a point to ensure you are comfortable and satisfied with your treatment from beginning to end. So call our office today, and bring your family to meet ours. We look forward to taking care of all of your oral health needs.

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Amalgam-Free Dentistry in BramptonIf you are looking for an effective and aesthetically pleasing alternative to conventional dental amalgam fillings, then your Brampton dentist, Dr. Marianette Crisol and Associates can provide you with a cosmetic solution in the form of amalgam free dental fillings. Conventional amalgam fillings are often made with metal based materials, including mercury and metal alloys. As such, patients typically prefer amalgam free fillings that don’t stand out as much when you smile, since they are designed to...

Bonded Tooth Fillings Brampton - Brampton Dentist - Best Dentist BramptonIf you are looking for a solution to the following dental issues - decayed teeth as a result of cavities, discoloured or heavily stained teeth, and cracked or chipped teeth - then a bonded tooth filling restoration may be a suitable and ideal solution for you. Your Brampton dentist, Dr. Marianette Crisol and Associates is pleased to assist you in achieving or regaining your bright smile. So what is a bonded filling? Essentially, it is a natural looking tooth coloured...

Dental Bridges in Brampton - Brampton Dentist - Best Dentist BramptonWhen a person is missing one tooth or several teeth, they may have difficulty smiling or may lack the confidence to smile. Here at Riverstone Dental Care and North Park Family Dental Care, your Brampton dentist, Dr. Marianette Crisol and Associates can offer an ideal replacement for missing teeth in the form of dental bridges. There are a variety of reasons as to why a person may lose one or more teeth, this includes the following:Blunt force trauma to your mouth that causes...

Dental Crowns in Brampton - Brampton DentistIf you have neglected to adequately care for your teeth resulting in the loss of one or more teeth, or you have incurred facial and oral damage resulting in a cracked or chipped tooth, then your Brampton Dentist, Dr. Marianette Crisol and Associates can provide you with an effective and suitable solution in the form of dental crowns, also known as dental caps. When you live with damaged teeth it can be quite difficult to do the most menial and routine tasks such as chewing, biting, and even smiling....

Tooth Extractions in Brampton - Emergency Dental Care BramptonYour Brampton dentist, Dr. Marianette Crisol and the team at Riverstone Dental Care and North Park Family Dental Care are dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain an exceptional level of your oral health, by ensuring the restoration and preservation of your teeth. However there are exceptional circumstances when the removal and extraction of teeth are deemed a necessity. This includes the following dental complications:An overcrowded mouth that may be negatively affecting the...

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