Brampton Root Canal Therapy to Stop Pain and Save Your Tooth

Root canal therapy (RCT) will treat a tooth that's painful, infected, and severely damaged. It's performed to save your tooth rather than extract it.

The following explains root canal therapy in our Brampton office:

Signs that Root Canal Therapy Is Necessary

When your tooth is chipped or cracked or it is painful when chewing or to heat or cold, you may need RCT. In addition, your gum tissue may be tender or swollen, or it is darker than neighboring teeth.

What Is The RCT Process?

During root canal treatment, we carefully remove the infected pulp, or inner portion of your tooth. If the roots are also affected, the dentist treat those as well.

Once the area is cleaned and disinfected, the tooth is sealed.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy in Brampton. offers the following advantages:

  • It saves your tooth
  • It eliminates pain and sensitivity
  • Your tooth remains strong
  • It's less costly than an implant or bridge

Recovering from The Procedure

You may feel a bit numb or sore after treatment and over-the-counter pain medicine is recommended. You can go back to your daily activities, but you should wait to eat until the numbness wears off.

Learn more about root canal therapy in Brampton when you visit us. We'll examine your situation and educate you on best treatment options.


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